Council backs car park repair bid

BACKWELL Parish Council is working with a local charity in a bid to repair two car parks in the village.

Backwell Playing Fields Charity approached the council at a meeting on Thursday to ask for help to find �43,000 to renovate car parks in West Town Road and Rodney Road, which surround the playing fields.

The car parks are used by a number of groups, including youth clubs, preschools and junior football clubs, but are riddled with potholes and need some extensive repairs.

Acting chairman, Councillor Bob Taylor, said: “We would need time to raise the money, should we go down that route.

“But what’s important is match funding - we need the clubs to contribute and to seek extra funding from elsewhere. Then we would be talking about raising �20,000 over three or four years.”

The council agreed to support the funding proposal from the charity. The proposal will now go to the council’s finance working party which will work closely with the charity to come up with a solution.