Concerns continue over congested road

CONCERNS about congestion caused by heavy parking in a Clevedon road are still being highlighted, one year on from when the issue was first raised.

On Saturdays and Sundays, a large number of cars park along Holly Lane when sports matches are held on the adjacent playing fields, causing the road to become busy with traffic.

Despite concerns being raised by Clevedon Town Council, North Somerset Council has refused to paint double yellow lines on the road or consider creating a car park on the playing fields.

During one recent weekend, the rows of cars parked on each side of Holly Lane resulted in two buses not being able to reach the bottom of the hill. One was taken out of service and the other was severely delayed.

Clevedon Town councillor Nick Pennycott said: “One day I saw one coach, two ambulances and 50 cars parked along Holly Lane.

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“Drivers could not have stopped at the top of the hill and looked down without then being in the traffic.

“A child could run out from behind a car into the path of another.

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“Nobody seems to want to take responsibility for it.

“There is more than sufficient parking in the school. People are asked to park there but they just don’t.

“The school has said it would be happy for us to put up signs asking for people to park in their car park.”

The issue was first covered by the Times a year ago and, since then, North Somerset Council has said it does not need to take further action.

A council spokesman said: “One of our officers has visited Holly Lane recently to have a look at this.

“There were cars parked along the lane, but although this may be an inconvenience to some, it is not a great hazard.

“There is a long view up and down the hill, which allows motorists to wait to allow others to pass the parked vehicles.

“There was a gap in the middle of the line of cars, which catered for motorists to pass; it seems that the sports field users are aware of the need for passing traffic.

“As the situation stands we will not be taking any further action.”

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