Parking restrictions plaguing Clevedon residents' everyday lives

Matthew Zinn

Some Clevedon residents have to move their cars every two hours to avoid parking charges. - Credit: Matthew Zinn

A group of residents in Clevedon say they have to routinely move their cars every two hours, six days a week, to avoid parking fines.

Many on both Bellevue Road and Hill Road have to utilise the on-street parking, which restricts them to two-hour max stays, with no-return within two hours.

Letters have been written to North Somerset Council asking for permits to be issued to fix the problem but every request has been rejected.

Parked cars

Some residents have to park miles from home. - Credit: Matthew Zinn

Seventy-nine-year-old John Cargin has lived in a flat on the road for four years and told the Times that the parking restrictions impact his life on a daily basis.

Mr Cargin said: "You find yourself planning your day around changing or finding your parking spot and often have to park your car on a side street or a neighbouring road because shoppers or visitors have taken the spaces.

"It has been a growing issue as me and my wife are not as spritely as we were when we moved here, I am about to turn 80 while my wife is 75 and has a problem with her knee. 

"Carrying bags of groceries to and from the car can be a challenge and at times you even have to contemplate whether it is worth leaving the house once you have a parking spot because it might not be there when you return."

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John and his wife have to tell each other where they have parked their car each time they come home in case of an emergency.

Little explanation has been given to John or his neighbours when they contact the council.

Cllr Mark Canniford oversees the council's parking strategy.

Bellevue Rd

Bellebue Road. - Credit: Google

When quizzed, he told the Times that any scheme to help reduce parking restrictions would not be rolled out until next year, at the earliest, and would depend on the success of a similar scheme in Weston.

Cllr Canniford said: "Unfortunately there is not an easy answer to the parking issues around North Somerset.

"Local councillors have requested these kinds of issues be looked at but it ultimately comes down to an economic issue and this is made worse when towns such as Clevedon, Nailsea and Portishead do not have parking charges.

"There are residents in Weston who have to pay to park outside their homes, this is our priority and residents have been asked what changes could be made to make life easier for them.

"We do not have the resources to roll out these schemes everywhere at once and there is no magic cure for all the issues residents may face.

"If the Weston scheme is a success though it will mean people can start to design their own neighbourhoods to be more 'liveable'."

Another resident, Matthew Zinn has also detailed his issues with the restrictions, explaining the difficulty it provided during his wife's pregnancy.

Mr Zinn said: "When she was pregnant there was always a worry about when we'd need to quickly get into the car and that is not possible when you have to park your car every two hours to keep it nearby.

"And now it is just as hard to lug a one-year-old baby and some shopping to-and-from the car, it also makes me wonder about the environmental issues it poses.

"It can not be eco-friendly to have to start my car up every two hours when a solution could just be to issue permits to residents and allow us to pay an annual fee instead of charging us for overstaying our welcome outside our homes."

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