Clevedon’s history in print

HUNDREDS of photographs taken in and around Clevedon have been published in the latest book to be produced by the town’s civic society.

Clevedon - Places and Faces contains nearly 400 old pictures taken in the past 100 years and features photos showing school pupils, sport groups, theatrical groups and post war carnivals.

Society chairman Rob Campbell edited the book.

He said: “If you have an interest in Clevedon, its views and vistas and, of course, its people, then this book is for you. The vast majority of the images have not been published before.”

The book’s chapters include the story of local flying man Collyns Price Pizey, an account of the heroic life of driver/nurse Rose Norton Harper and the story of Henry Edward May’s courageous rescue attempt in rough seas off the main beach in 1897.Other chapters tell the tales of the people who made Penicillin during WW2 and of those who designed and built Clevedon’s best known landmark – the Triangle Clock.

Priced �14.95, Clevedon - Places and Faces is available from H Seeley in Hill Road and Books & Puzzles in Queens Square.