Clevedon Marine Lake to be drained

Clevedon Marine Lake reopens

The MARLENS charity has confirmed Clevedon Marine Lake will be drained later this month. - Credit: Twitter: @ClevedonMarineLake

Clevedon Marine Lake will be closed for at least 10 days as it undergoes repairs and drainage after a busy summer period, its supervisors have confirmed.

The MARLENS charity was set up in 2004 to maintain the town's flagship attraction and regularly drains the lake to remove the build-up of tonnes of silt and to search for lost property.

The MARLENS' chair, Rowan Clarke, told the Times that people are welcome to come and watch as the plug is pulled and those who wish can volunteer to help with the restorations.

Mrs Clarke said: "The way the water gushes out of the lake is a great spectacle and makes an amazing noise.

"We open it on high tide so that all the fish and eels in the lake can escape into the sea safely. It creates a lot of suction, so while the hole’s big enough for fish, it would be very dangerous for a person – you can come and watch, but do not go in the water.

"If you want to help clean and repair the lake and surrounds on a drain down, please come along to the shutter store on the seafront from 9am on Sunday.

Clevedon Aquathlon, a splash and dash staged at the marine lake and along the seafront at Clevedon.

The marine lake has experienced a surge in demand since the beginning of the Covid pandemic - Credit: Archant

"It is a fantastic chance to get involved in the community, and a great volunteering opportunity for things like Duke of Edinburgh.”

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The group also announced that another set of steps will be added to the lake to improve accessibility and other 'vital' works such as mending the boards around the lake.

Usage of the lake has steadily increased since the Covid pandemic and earlier this year plans for a £90,000 project to build facilities for disabled visitors were unveiled.

The eco-pods are set to contain disabled changing rooms, a classroom to teach water safety in and storage improvements, though a date was not yet been given on when construction will begin.

PICTURES: How Clevedon Marine Lake will look after huge investment

Plans for the lake's £90,000 eco-pod project. - Credit: MARLENS

The draining will take place on Saturday at 6pm and refilling the lake will begin on November 3.

If you would like to help with repairing the lake, contact or if you would like to retrieve a lost items in the lake contact