Clevedon Marine Lake drained for 'high bacteria levels'

Marine Lake, Clevedon.

Clevedon's Marine Lake has been emptied after high levels of bacteria were recorded in its water. - Credit: Archant

A decision has been made to drain Clevedon Marine Lake after high levels of bacteria were recorded in its water.

It is believed that the lake will be refilled and ready for either during the weekend or on Monday, depending on the tides and weather conditions.

The chairman of the Marine Lake Enthusiasts Society (MARLENS), Joe Norman, has told the Times that the lake was due to be drained this weekend but test results taken this morning (Wednesday) show action was needed to avoid any injury.

Mr Norman said: "We conduct regular water quality checks and this morning showed the marine lake's water to be of poor quality.

"This was most likely brought about by the high temperatures and a high number of swimmers who would have kicked the lake's surface up - creating the perfect environment for the bacteria to grow."

The annual Marlens New Years Day swim in Clevedon Marine Lake. Picture: MARK ATHERTON

The lake is expected to be back in use on the weekend or Monday. - Credit: Archant

Mr Norman also confirmed that a new ladder would be installed in the lake while it has been emptied and other routine checks.

He added: "Once the lake is empty, we will check its floor for any missing items such as rings or other valuables which can be found.

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"It should also be noted that the 'high bacteria' warning does not mean swimming in the lake is lethal, but someone with a weakened immune system could get ill from doing so.

"We advise against swimming in the lake until another check has been carried out."