New Clevedon charity is helping to create the scientists of the future

Students from Clevedon School got the chance to learn about tidal energy. 

Secondary school students got the chance to learn about tidal energy. - Credit: Our Tide

A climate action charity in Clevedon is working with schools to create the 'scientists and engineers of the future'.

The new charity, Our Tide, wants to educate local young people on harnessing the immense power of tidal energy in the Severn Estuary.

Pupils from Clevedon, Backwell and Nailsea secondary schools got the chance to develop their own methods on reducing climate change, and weighing up the advantages of tidal power.

In the charity's first-ever workshop, students created mind maps to working models of turbines that could be used in the estuary. They designed every bit of the model, right down to the blades and gearboxes.

Founder of Our Tide, Brian Gribben, said: "It was loads of fun. Now we can challenge more students to come up with innovative solutions to a world-wide problem.

"We are so grateful for all the support provided by volunteers, business and community organisations which have allowed this to happen, in particular Clevedon Sailing Club, Clevedon Pier and Frazer-Nash Consultancy whose engineers supported the workshop."