Clevedon children's author unveils first book based on his own 13-year-old bedtime story

Chris Genge, author of children's book Jeff the Flying Pig.

Chris Genge, author of children's book Jeff the Flying Pig. - Credit: Chris Genge

A children's author from Clevedon has unveiled his first book based off a bedtime story he used to tell his kids more than 10 years ago. 

Chris Genge is a project manager at construction firm Harrison Evolution but has now penned his first story book thanks to 'a friend and free time over lockdown'.

The 30-page book is centred on a flatulent pig named Jeff who doesn't like vegetables and dreams about flying. 

Chris said he wanted to focus the book around getting children to eat healthily and lead an active lifestyle. 

The 50-year-old said: "Jeff has always dreamt about flying but because he only eats junk food, he's just to heavy to fly.

"One day he's told by a vet who visits the farm that he must now go on an all-vegetable diet. At first Jeff refuses and says he doesn't like veggies but eventually he gives in and finds they aren't that bad after all.

"He then wakes up to find that his dream of flying has come true and he's floating in the sky because the vegetables have caused a build-up of gas which makes him float around the place farting.

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"Eventually after learning how to control his flying, he ends up saving the day - all because he ate his veggies."

Jeff the Flying Pig on sale at Stationery House, Clevedon.

Jeff the Flying Pig on sale at Stationery House, Clevedon. - Credit: Chris Genge

Many of Chris' fond childhood memories are incorporated into the book, including a scene where Jeff flies over his late father Malcolm's garage in Chew Stoke.

Chris added: "This book was written during free time in furlough but it's a story I have told my two boys, Daniel and Max, since they were very little.

"I always struggled in school, I found it hard to read and write but for me to be able to get this story in physical form which was in my head for 13 years is amazing.

"I'd like to thank my friend who set up Clueless Publishing who helped me get this story off the ground.

"The response I've had from the children already have been amazing. I just want kids to enjoy having the book read to them whilst promoting healthy eating.

"A sequel to Jeff might also be on the way, as well as two more books."

Jeff the Flying Pig is for children aged two to six and can be purchased from Stationery House, The Triangle, or direct from Chris' Instagram page at @jeff_the_flying_pig.