Clevedon children walk 100 miles to help save the rainforest

Frankie and Louie Newbold

Frankie and Louie Newbold raised money for World Land Trust - Credit: Rebecca Newbold

Two youngsters from Clevedon have raised £542 for the World Land Trust by walking a total of 100 miles.

Frankie and Louie Newbold, aged six and four respectively, decided they wanted to do something to help stop people cutting down the rainforests and ruining other areas of land after watching a wildlife programme with their mum, Rebecca. 

Rebecca spread the mammoth trek across 3 months with a planned 10-mile weekly walk which will take 10 weeks, leaving two extra weeks 'just in case'.  

She said: “We chose the World Land Trust because they buy land then give it to a local organisation or charity to look after, they also employ rangers to make sure no one is ruining the land or killing the animals. £100 will buy 1 acre.

"We wanted to choose a good charity and David Attenbourgh who narrated the programme we watched is a patron of the World Land Trust." 

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