Clevedon Aldi to reopen this week

Aldi stores undergo major investments in UK

Clevedon's Aldi store has been revamped as part of a £500m nationwide investment. - Credit: Aldi

Clevedon's Aldi store, in Ettlingden Way, has been revamped ahead of its reopening on Thursday, with the aim for popular items to be more accessible to customers.

The transformation comes as part of the company's £500m investment into improving its stores and services across the UK.

It is expected that the revamp will create more jobs at the retailer, which currently employs more than 20 people.

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Store manager, Karl Houghton said: “The store is looking fantastic, and we cannot wait to welcome our customers back so they can see it for themselves.

"We are committed to making sure that the shopping experience each customer enjoys in our stores is on a par with the products and services that they are used to."

Changes have been made to ensure social distancing measures can be implemented, this includes the introduction of sanitisation stations, protective screens at its tills and social distancing reminders in store, as well as a traffic light system to control the number of people going in and out.