Why this primary school has a giant sea eagle sculpture

Giant steel sculpture installed in Yatton North End primary.

Chestnut Park's headteacher, left, Tamara Dexter and artist Hayley Jones, right, with the sea eagle sculpture. - Credit: Chestnut Park

Yatton's latest primary school has installed a steel sculpture to welcome its first intake of pupils when they arrive in September.

A giant sea eagle now stands perched on Chestnut Park Primary School's grounds - showcasing the site's archaeological significance during excavations made before the school was built.

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Between 2015 and 2018, several 'late prehistoric and Iron Age pits' were uncovered on the school site, one of which contained the claw of a sea eagle.

Building works finish for new Yatton primary school

Chestnut Park's site contained "late prehistoric and Iron Age pits" which were excavated before building the school. - Credit: North Somerset Council

Headteacher, Tamara Dexter said: "The archaeological discoveries on the school site create a fascinating historical context for the children to learn about. 

“The sea eagle statue and seating area will make a great place for school visitors to sit, talk and enjoy the school grounds. The children will also be curious about its origins, and I anticipate them having lots of questions about what was found beneath the school playing field.”

Clevedon artist, Hayley Jones, was commissioned for the art piece and described the opportunity as 'an honour'.

Chestnut Park, in Wheatear Road, will welcome its first reception class in September and later, in January, a preschool class.

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The school will initially have 210 places overall with infrastructure already in place to increase its capacity to 420 places to meet future demand from local housing development.