Pre-schoolers write and stage their own nativity play - replacing Mary with Elsa...

Charlton Nursery students

Pupils at Charlton Nursery have written and starred in their own version of the nativity play. - Credit: Charlton Nursery

Three and four-year-olds from a North Somerset nursery have written and staged two nativity plays for parents before Christmas break.

Charlton Nursery, in Flax Bourton, handed the reigns to its pre-schoolers who soon replaced Mary, Joseph and Jesus with Elsa, Anna and Matt, respectively.

The nursey's operations manager, Mel Toogood, said: "We were keen to make this a fun and engaging time for all our children this year, after the challenges of the last 18 months,

"By using a child-led approach way we are able to teach the traditional story but rather than just asking them to learn lines and giving stage directions, we can immerse the children throughout the whole process."

Replacing Bethlehem with Bristol, the main characters travelled by train and were gifted toys instead of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Charlton Nursery students

Jesus, Mary and Joseph were replaced with Matt, Elsa and Anna. - Credit: Charlton Nursery

Mel added: "All of the children have thoroughly enjoyed this year’s nativity. We were able to share serious messages through fun and engagement.

"We would like to say a massive thank you to all our staff in the Sunflowers room who have guided them at every step of the way, including Matt; Casey; Aimee; Brianna; Emma and Courtney. As well as all the parents and carers for supplying costumes, helping the children with lines and songs and supporting them throughout."