Charity shop overrun with wedding dresses

A CLEVEDON charity shop overrun with wedding dresses is holding a special sale for the whole of February.

The CLIC Sargent shop in Old Street currently has more than 40 wedding dresses that have been donated from wedding fairs as well as by former brides.

In the hope of making more people aware of the number of bridal gowns available in charity shops, all the dresses in the CLIC Sargent store will be sold for half price for a month.

Assistant manager Kyrstie Rich said: “There are some really lovely designer dresses in the shop.

“I don’t think people realise how many there are.

“We just want to sell them so we can raise some money from them.

“We have changing facilities upstairs and people can spend as long as they like trying garments on.”

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As well as bridal dresses, with prices ranging from �20-100 and sizes 8-24, the shop also stocks about 30 pairs of unworn bridesmaid shoes and hats donated by people who have only worn them to one wedding before giving them to the shop.