Carnival princesses crowned

PORTISHEAD’S carnival princesses have been chosen.

The winners were chosen at a specially organised disco for seven to 12 year olds at the town’s youth centre. Judges had a difficult job after scores of excited youngsters signed up for the contest to find this year’s carnival princess and flower princess.

St Peter’s Primary School pupil Lena Perkins was eventually crowned Portishead Carnival Princess 2011. The 11-year-old will be attended by runners-up Charlotte Garrett, aged nine, and Lucie Harris, aged 11.

The crown for flower princess went to another St Peter’s Primary School pupil, nine-year-old Ellen Bowers. Ellen will be attended by eight-year-old Emily McCall and Isabelle Mitchell, aged seven.

The girls will all ride on the royal family float which will lead Portishead’s carnival procession through the town on June 18. They will be joined by a carnival king and queen who will be selected later this month.

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