Campaigners call for urgent action on climate change

Extinction Rebellion protesting in Nailsea against Government's inaction on climate change.

Extinction Rebellion protesting in Nailsea against Government's inaction on climate change. - Credit: Archant

Extinction Rebellion (XR) held a protest in Nailsea to call for the Government to take action to address climate change.

Members of Extinction Rebellion protesting in Nailsea.

Members of Extinction Rebellion protesting in Nailsea. - Credit: Archant

Campaigners from XR groups in Nailsea, Clevedon, Portishead and Pill marched through the town before gathering at the North Somerset Conservative Association headquarters, in High Street, to deliver letters to North Somerset’s MP, Dr Liam Fox, demanding action on the climate change emergency.

Campaigners say inaction will lead to the death of millions of people and the letter urges Dr Fox to speak out about the Government’s failings.

An XR spokesman said: “The scientific evidence is absolutely clear: Aiming for zero carbon emissions by 2050 is far too late to avert catastrophic global heating which will cause crises much, much worse than Covid-19 and its subsequent recession.

“The UK Government already pledged measures for reducing emissions but in fact they have increased.

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“We have a chance, now, to change direction towards a green economy, our Government must wake up and do it.”

The protest was timed to coincide with the publication of the Committee on Climate Change’s annual report.

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The report highlights the continuing failures by the Government to tackle the issues of overheating homes, flash floods, loss of biodiversity and the other threats posed as our planet continues to overheat dangerously.

Although global carbon emissions have decreased during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, many scientists warn that any benefits for the climate are likely to be temporary.

Another demonstrator said: “I am horrified at the thought this Government thinks we have time to address climate breakdown later and will support fossil fuel industries in their recovery plan out of the pandemic.

“The science says climate breakdown has already begun and any recovery plan must place environmental concerns centre stage if its effects are to be mitigated.”

Extinction Rebellion is urging the Government to listen to the latest scientific findings which demonstrate that carbon emissions need to be reduced to zero much faster than the 2050 target to avoid dangerous global temperature rises.

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