Calls to protect bandstand from further decay

DAMAGE caused to Clevedon’s Victorian bandstand by adverse weather has prompted calls for more to be done to restore the structure to its former glory.

The recent bad weather resulted in a decorative panel to fall off the bandstand and, due to safety concerns, the seafront attraction off Elton Road was subsequently fenced off while the structure was surveyed by North Somerset Council to see what repairs were required.

Built in 1887 to mark Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee, the structure is classed as a listed building. However, in recent years its condition has rapidly deteriorated.

In February, North Somerset Council, which has been working with Clevedon Civic Society on plans to restore the historic structure, said it hoped to redecorate it and replace rotten wooden panels around its edge in time for this year’s jubilee celebrations in June. The plans also included creating disabled access.

However, proposals within the council’s available budget could not be agreed with English Heritage, meaning they were not carried forward.

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As a result, temporary panels were put in to ensure the bandstand looked reasonably presentable.

Now, those keen to protect it from further damage believe the situation has become critical and work needs to be carried out to protect it for future generations.

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At a meeting of Clevedon Town Council on November 28, Cllr Carole Wring said: “The bandstand has had to be fenced off due to the weather.

“Everything stalled because the planning officers couldn’t agree with the access officer and they couldn’t agree with English Heritage.

“This is a listed building and the situation is now critical.

“Something has to be done before the whole lot falls down.”

However, what work can be carried out depends on whether North Somerset Council can secure enough funding.

A spokesman for the authority said: “Some coping around the top of the bandstand has come loose - we are in the process of getting this inspected and will then organise repairs.

“Any future plans will depend on when and if we can get funding.”

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