Calls for action over motorbike safety concerns

Sara Lawrence next to the barrier next to her home.

Sara Lawrence next to the barrier next to her home. - Credit: Archant

A PILL mum is calling for more action to be taken to prevent motorcyclists using a footpath near her home.

On a daily basis, Sara Lawrence either sees or hears motorbikes and mopeds being driven along the path, which is meant for only pedestrians and cyclists to use.

For the past year she has recorded the number plates on bikes she is able to spot and reported the offenders to the police.

However, the mum-of-four is now hoping more can be done to stop them from accessing the path.

It leads from Lodway Close on to a wider route which can be used by pedestrians, cyclists and riders of motorbikes with an engine size of 50cc or below to cross the Avonmouth Bridge. However, the motorcylists should not be using this much smaller section.

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Mrs Lawrence, aged 48, said: “We get the motorbikes there everyday.

“Rather than going around the village and joining the larger path where they should, they use this as a shortcut.

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“What concerns me is that there are a lot of elderly people around here who walk their dogs along the path.

“If the bikes come haring up here they might hit someone – it is going to happen at some point.”

After reporting her concerns to North Somerset Council, the authority installed a barrier in the hope of curbing the problem.

However, according to Mrs Lawrence the motorbikes are still getting through.

A council spokesman said: “We have reinstated a barrier that was there before.

“We are now getting complaints that people with buggies and motorised wheelchairs cannot get through so, we will look at it again to see if we need to look at a different design

“We have taken measures to try to prevent motorbikes using the path while allowing access for other users.”

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