Call for action after drivers caught speeding in Nailsea

Appeal for drivers to slow down in residential areas.

Appeal for drivers to slow down in residential areas. - Credit: Archant

‘Antisocial’ drivers have been caught reaching speeds of more than 70mph in Nailsea town centre.

Nailsea Community Speedwatch has recorded people travelling at 72mph along Nailsea Park and 57mph in the town centre.

Speaking at Nailsea Town Council meeting on November 7, Anthony Phillips from speedwatch said: “The antisocial behaviour in Nailsea is shocking – specifically antisocial driving and speeding.

“We recorded motorcyclists doing 67mph along Nailsea Park during the day. We’ve also clocked people doing 50mph in the town centre.

“This is nothing unusual. This is every day, multiple times a day – vehicles are caught going at 60mph.

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“Sometimes I’ve taken a radar and gone out at night and caught a car driving at 72mph in Nailsea Park.

“This is a residential area. It’s incredibly dangerous and I’ve seen a lot of close calls.

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“It’s going to be too late to address this when a child dies.

“The police have been supportive and whenever someone has been caught doing 70mph they go out to talk to them. But there’s no improvement.

“Something has to be done.

“We are looking to recruit more community speedwatch members as we’ve only go four or five.

“The most obvious solution is traffic calming measures but North Somerset Council is not very keen to do that.”

John Hunter, from Nailsea speedwatch, said: “Almost every time of the day, on any day of the week, we get a speeder every two minutes. We usually get 25-30 speeders in an hour.

“It’s not acceptable for the people of Nailsea, particuarly children crossing the road. Nailsea Park is close to two schools and also the crossing to Millennium Park.

“I’ve been with speedwatch for 16 years and the volume of traffic has increased significantly. There are also more people with high powered cars.

“We are not out to get people, we are out there to try to protect the public and also to try to make people aware of excessive speeds.”

Cllr Clare Hunt said: “We need to change people’s attitudes.

“We have young people driving at speeds at night and it’s quite scary to hear it. I know what it’s like not to be able to cross the road quickly and it’s scary.”

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