Call for pavement improvements

TREACHEROUS pavements in Portishead town centre are an accident waiting to happen according to pedestrians.

Speaking at the March town council meeting, retired resident Deirdre LeFaye said she had walked the entire length of High Street and was disgusted at the number of potholes, loose slabs and uneven surface, which were both dangerous and unsightly.

Miss LeFaye says she had discovered that some of the pavements in question involve land for which individual shop owners are responsible and she is calling for them to deal with the problem instead of ignoring it.

The Precinct at the beginning of High Street has also become a bone of contention.

Pensioner Jean Maine, who lives in Combe Road, received leg and facial injuries after falling on uneven slabs in the Precinct.

She said: “It happened weeks ago and I am only just starting to go out on my own again. I can’t believe that even after my fall, no-one has carried out any repairs, the slabs in their current state are a hazard.”

Father-of-two, Les Hill from The Vale added: “I’m surprised there hasn’t been a serious accident, there is a drain in The Precinct which has had the cover missing for months. It’s just not acceptable.”

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The Precinct is managed by LCP Properties, a company with its head office based in the West Midlands.

When contacted no-one was available for comment.