Weather boosts shop’s sales

WHILE many traders in Portishead have blamed the treacherous weather conditions last month for poor takings, one High Street retailer has said it was good for business.

Jason Bamfield, sales manager at Freemans Television, one of the longest trading shops in Portishead, said: “At Freemans we found that the snow kept people in the town and instead of driving to out of town shopping malls, residents walked to or phoned our store to investigate our products.

“All I can say is they must have been pleased with what they found as from December 16 we experienced some of our busiest days of the year.”

Reyna Knight, chairman of Portishead Town Council, reported many of the shops in Portishead had experienced a lack of trade before Christmas because customers, especially older residents, had stayed in to avoid the December snow and ice.

To prevent a double blow, Cllr Knight has made a plea to members of the community to make a special effort to support the local shops during the closure of High Street this month, while road surfacing and drainage improvements are carried out.