Warhammer games come to town

A PORTISHEAD retailer has answered the prayers of Warhammer fans in the town.

Carey’s home and garden shop in the High Street has taken delivery of a wide range of Games Workshop products to meet the needs of the growing band of enthusiasts of miniatures war games.

Shop owner Jonathan Johnston says when Games Workshop asked him if he would act as an outlet for their products he was happy to oblige.

Sarah Souter, who organises Warhammer clubs in the area, said: “Wargaming offers young people a chance to be creative, sociable and imaginative and our Portishead club members are thrilled they are now able to buy the items they need right on their doorstep. I hope that easy access to these goods will encourage more people to take up the hobby.”

After buying, assembling and painting a small army, a variety of games are played at the clubs, either as part of teams or individually. Portishead Warhammer Club offers six themed tables to use, such as wrecked battlefields, a futuristic world, old castles and chaos lands plus a painting table.

The Warhammer club meets at the Jubilee Hall in Slade Road in Portishead most Thursdays from 7-9.30pm and monthly events are held in Clevedon.

For more details call Sarah on 01275 842300.