Town traders asked for their views

TRADERS in Clevedon’s town centre will be surveyed to find out how the economic downturn has affected them and how business in the area can be improved.

Clevedon Town Council will send out a questionnaire to all business owners in The Triangle, Queens Square and Old Church Road to gauge their opinions on the economic viability of the town centre.

Councillor David Shopland said: “The council, among others, has noticed the gradual decline in the number of shopping outlets in the Triangle area and recently this seems to have accelerated.

“The town council thought it would carry out a minor survey of the shop keepers to find how they have been affected by the down turn in the economy and if they had any positive views as to what might be done communally to put matters right.

“There is concern among many people that if this decline cannot be halted it may be The Triangle as a shopping centre would cease to exist, which would be a tragedy for us all.

“In my personal opinion, some of the situation has been exacerbated by the lack of parking in the area. The closing of Station Road has had a disastrous affect on the area - it was a dropping off point and allowed people to park for a short time to visit one or two shops.”

Clevedon Town Council aims to work in partnership with the Clevedon Chamber on efforts to boost trade and increase business opportunities in the town centre and it is hoped the survey results can be analysed by members during a meeting later this month.

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Councillor Carl Francis-Pester said: “There are quite a few empty shops. We feel that as much of a boost needs to be given as possible.

“We are looking to get as much information as possible before we meet the chamber.”