Therapist opens training school

A PORTISHEAD therapist has opened a school to train people in holistic therapies.

Jayne Palmer, who has been practising holistic therapies for more than 12 years, has opened the Tranquillity School of Holistic Therapies at Port Marine.

The tutor and Reiki Master offers privately-run training courses allowing clients to gain Guild of Holistic Therapists Accredited Diplomas in a variety of therapies and treatments.

Jayne said: “I first became interested in complementary therapies in 1990 after a very stressful period in my life.

“This began with a stress management course which brought to my attention that a lot of ailments originate from a state of stress.”

She then began investigating ways of alleviating stress and restoring balance to both body and mind.

Jayne added: “After 12 years of practising I felt I wanted to be able to pass on this teaching to others and undertook further training and qualifications to allow me to open my own school.”

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Tranquillity training aims to inspire and teach new skills, providing opportunities for people to begin a new career or add treatments to an existing business.

For details of the courses call Jayne on 01275 460329 or email