Staff welcome record holder

Junior Poon with Andy Green

Junior Poon with Andy Green - Credit: supplied

STAFF at Clevedon’s Junior Poon restaurant welcomed the fastest man on earth when he popped in for a bite to eat.

Wing Commander Andy Green OBE holds the World Land Speed Record of 763mph, making him the only person in history to drive faster than the speed of sound.

He was in North Somerset after being invited to give a talk to Woodspring Wings Model Aircraft Club about the record which he set in 1997 and also his hopes at achieving 1,000mph next year in the new supersonic car, Bloodhound SSC.

Andy is an RAF fighter pilot and was invited to the club by wing commander Bob Turner, who then treated him to a meal at the Hill Road restaurant.

Its owner Junior Poon said: “Andy is not a face most people may recognise but I applaud the risk he has taken and bringing us one step forward for mankind, in one of the most exciting science experiments in history.

“Not many would risk or be able to do what he has done.

“He is such a humble and approachable guy.”