Shoppers to be surveyed on town trade

SHOPPERS in Clevedon will be surveyed to find out the reasons why they do or do not use the town’s retailers.

Clevedon Town Council has compiled a questionnaire, which has now gone out to traders, to gauge the public’s opinion on the shops available in the town and why some maybe struggling.

This follows on from a traders’ survey which was ran in July to find out how businesses in Clevedon were faring and what they thought about the town’s economic viability.

The shoppers’ survey asks questions including how often people shop in Tesco or Asda, Hill Road and Alexandra Road and the town centre.

Respondents will also be asked what attracts them to shop in Clevedon or what puts them off shopping there.

The questionnaire also asks for people’s suggestions on what would encourage them to use the town’s shops more.

The surveys have been compiled as part of Clevedon Town Council’s efforts to work with retailers to improve trading conditions and encourage more people to spend their money in Clevedon.