Refill 'just one bottle' environmental campaign launched

Better Weigh shop in Clevedon

A Better Weigh, in Old Street, Clevedon, is taking part in the campaign - Credit: Google Street View

People are being encouraged to fill 'just one bottle' in a new campaign that aims to battle climate change.

The scheme is hoping to entice people to do their bit for the environment by refilling just one bottle of a product - rather than buying a new one - reducing the use of plastic in the process.

Now, refill shops are bidding to help people shop more sustainability, save money and have a positive impact on the planet, by addressing some shoppers' concerns over things like making a mess and the cost.

Among those taking part in the Just One Bottle campaign is A Better Weigh, a refill shop in Old Street, Clevedon.

"We hope to encourage people who want to do their bit to help reduce plastic waste to just start small," said director, Laura Webster. 

"Just refill one bottle. If each household did this, imagine the impact it would make.

"Whether it is refilling an empty bottle of washing up liquid or shampoo bottle we are encouraging people to just give it a go."

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She said refill shops up and down the country have the same goal, to help the fight against climate change and to support our communities in their sustainable goals. 

"Many members of the public feel powerless against the effects of climate change and that they are not able to contribute in the fight against it," Laura said. 

"The rates of climate anxiety are rising fast. This campaign is about empowering individuals and showing people that together, with one small change, we can all contribute to the fight against climate change."

For more details on the campaign, search the #JustOneBottle hashtag on social media.