Plea to help keep shops trading

THE chairman of Portishead Town Council has made a dramatic plea to residents in the town to help prevent local shops from facing ruin.

Councillor Reyna Knight says Portishead retailers are going to experience a ‘double whammy’.

She says poor weather conditions in December damaged trade as consumers stayed at home at what should have been one of the busiest times of the year. Now, shop owners are bracing themselves for more misery as they prepare for the temporary closure of High Street next week.

Mrs Knight said: “In many towns in the UK you find the High Street comprises of empty shops, poorly maintained buildings and a feeling of desolation.

“None of these descriptions apply to Portishead High Street thanks to our retailers who have taken pride in giving customers great services and products.

“I am asking the residents of Portishead to help these retailers in our High Street who are likely to be facing a difficult financial time.”

High Street is expected to be closed between 8.30am-4pm daily from January 10 to February 11 to allow repairs to the drainage system and the road surface to be completed at a cost of �190,000.

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Mrs Knight continued: “I am concerned that with car access to the High Street prevented there may be a tendency to avoid the area but I am asking everyone in Portishead to make a special effort this year to support our retailers.

“I am asking that everyone stops and thinks before driving out of Portishead to do shopping, we have over 50 shops in our town and with a little more effort from residents we can help safeguard the future of our High Street.”

While work is in progress access to High Street will be denied but will be provided where possible outside the working hours. A diversion using A369 and B3124 will be clearly signposted.