More than 1,000 solar panels planned for firm to boost renewable energy


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Plans to install more than 1,000 solar panels in an industrial estate have been put forward.

North Somerset Council has received an application from Edwards Ltd in Kenn Business Park to install 1,426 solar panels to provide more renewable energy.

The manufacturing business hopes to mount the panels on the roof of its base, off Kenn Road.

In the application, Edwards Ltd said: “The nearest residential properties are approximately 350m to the west and the building is not visible to these residents because of significant tree screening. Plus the height of the installation roof means that the solar array will not be visible from these houses.

“The building is set in the middle of a business park and screened by mature trees on three sides facing Barn Grounds to the south, so there are no receptor locations where reflected light could be experienced.

“Solar panels are designed to absorb the maximum amount of light and their surface reflectance is consequently very low and less than that from the roofs of typical industrial buildings.

“Meaning even were the roof surface visible and the sun at a low angle of incidence, for example early morning/early evening around the spring and autumn equinoxes, then the resultant glint or glare from the solar array panel surfaces would be significantly less than glint or glare from the existing roof.

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“This would be even more pronounced in this particular instance since the installation roofs are a very light grey in colour.”

The panels will also help the business to save money and will add an additional 0.1m to the building’s height, which is more than 7m tall.

Kenn Parish Council wrote to North Somerset to say it had no objections to the development.

The plans will support North Somerset’s hopes to cut carbon emissions by half by 2035.

Executive members of the council voted last year to adopt a district-wide target to reduce emissions by 50 per cent to match a national target.

Solar panels is a favoured renewable energy source as they use sunlight to create electricity.

To comment on the plan, visit North Somerset’s planning portal at