Shop Local: New zero waste shop for Weston

Clare inside her new zero waste store.

Clare inside her new zero waste store. - Credit: Archant

A new zero waste shop has opened in Weston-super-Mare giving shoppers the chance to stock up on food essentials and cleaning products.

Weston's new zero waste store.

Weston's new zero waste store. - Credit: Archant

Clare Morris, has set up Good & Proper in Regent Street in place of Coco’s Canteen.

Clare, who already has a Good & Proper branch in Bristol Temple Meads, changed the name of her Weston café in February to bring the brands together.

After reopening under the new name, she decided to launch a zero waste shop inside the premises and she said the feedback since it opened earlier this month has been ‘amazing’.

Clare said: “I’m excited because we don’t have anything in Weston and I really want people to come in and look around.

Clare inside Good & Proper.

Clare inside Good & Proper. - Credit: Archant

“As a shopper, I would be excited about this kind of shop. It’s a bit different than the usual.

“It’s not just about filling up, but we’ve got some really great things you can’t get elsewhere.”

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Clare says she has taken over the mantle from Holly Law, who had established a loyal customer base with Replenish, before it closed down in April.

She said: “Holly had done such an amazing job of gaining trusted relationships with customers. I really felt there was a need for a zero waste store and it’s been so well received. It’s been amazing, people have come in to say thanks for doing it.”

Good & Proper Zero stocks food items including nuts, pasta, split peas, herbs, spices, quinoa, sugar flour and dried fruit.

Shoppers can pop in with their containers and fill up with store cupboard essentials, laundry detergent, soap and shampoo along with art and crafts and items including ceramic travel mugs.

The shop also stocks products such as peanut butter, honey from Cheddar, vegan chocolate bars, teas, coffees and vegan pick and mix sweets which have proved extremely popular.

Good & Proper café also offers wholesome food using healthy and nutritious ingredients.

Clare decided not to reopen the inside seating area in the café due to the coronavirus pandemic, and she has allocated half of the space for the zero waste store.

She said: “We’ve decided not to reopen the inside. I felt it was too small and I was worried about social distancing.

“We are still half as a café and utilising outside space and allowing people to come in and refill.”