New A370 petrol station plans for Cleeve criticised over lack of parking

Cleeve residents have responded to Tout's plans for the old Lord Nelson pub with hand made protest b

Cleeve residents have responded to Tout's plans for the old Lord Nelson pub with hand made protest boards on Pound Green opposite the Lord Nelson building. Picture: NICK PAGE HAYMAN - Credit: Archant

Concerns have been raised over plans to demolish a historic North Somerset pub and replace it with a petrol station and convenience store.

A pre-application to develop the Lord Nelson in Cleeve has been submitted to North Somerset Council – but fears over its viability were raised by highways experts.

The report was erroneously published online by the council – before being taken down a few days later – revealing concerns over parking which could scupper development plans.

Site owner Tout Ltd confirmed its intention to develop the site as a Budgens convenience store and petrol station at a village meeting earlier this year.

But the plans have progressed with the submission of the pre-application, which evaluates the feasibility of the proposed development in line with the council’s core strategy.

Highways expert Tom Gaze wrote: “The proposed site layout indicates 52 car parking spaces will be provided, in addition to six cycle parking spaces and one motorcycle space.

“This does not appear to meet the parking standard.

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“Any subsequent proposal should adhere to the required parking standard.”

A council spokesman confirmed the pre-application report was published online in error, and pre-applications are ‘informal discussions’ between applicants and planning experts – hence it was withdrawn.

Some residents had entered comments on the pre-application but their comments have been deleted as a result of the report being withdrawn – but a council consultation will be conducted if a full planning application is submitted in the future.

Tout Ltd intends to conduct its own consultation with villagers on the pub plans.

A spokesman said: “We said at the outset of the pre-application consultation process that we would forward information about the proposals to the wider community and that remains our intention.”

Charley Pattison, who lives in the village and will stand for the Green Party and next month’s General Election, said: “Tout is clearly putting profit before people and obsessed with stripping Cleeve of its only pub.”