More flats may ‘destroy’ Portishead neighbourhood


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Plans to build more flats on the outskirts of Portishead risk ‘destroying’ the area, according to critics of the proposed scheme.

As revealed by the Times earlier in the month, Churngold Construction Ltd has sought planning permission from North Somerset Council for two blocks of flats off Wyndham Way, near Cheviot Meadow.

It wants to build one block of 32 flats and a second with a further three.

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However, the idea has attracted significant criticism from Portishead Town Council and people living nearby.

Planning permission is in place for an office block on that site, which neighbours say would provide jobs and not further stretch healthcare or education resources.

Leila Daly said she and her family have lived there for three years and Churngold’s proposal would ‘destroy’ the neighbourhood if built.

She said: “Where will the extra families and residents work? There are already existing (housing) developments in Portishead.

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“The town is growing and the facilities are not – frankly the community is discombobulated.”

The Churngold application has frustrated the town council too. It has recommended North Somerset Council refuses the scheme on nine grounds, including the flats’ ‘over-bearing’ nature with many homes close by.

Its views tally with Ms Daly who said: “They would be the first thing you would see going into the estate.”

She said Cheviot Meadow is often blocked already due to a lack of parking spaces and she fears this development would only make it worse.

The town council has also objected to a second planning application to build six flats in the High Street.

Permission is sought to develop a storage area near the back of SoleLution as housing and an extra retail unit.

But with no spaces for cars allocated on site, the town council says the scheme would add to ‘significantly problematic’ issues regarding parking in the town.

* To comment on the proposals, visit North Somerset Council’s website and search for case 17/P/1229/F for the Wyndham Way scheme and 17/P/1235/F for the High Street development.