Posh lodges planned for golf club after years of business prosperity

Mendip Spring Golf and Country Club

Mendip Spring Golf and Country Club - Credit: Archant

‘Luxury’ lodges fitted with balconies and hot tubs could soon be overlooking the tees, fairways and greens at a Congresbury golf club, which continues to go ‘from strength to strength’ off the course.

Mendip Spring Golf and Country Club hopes to install six ‘executive-style lodges’ to capitalise on a prosperous period of booming trade which has seen a huge increase in turnover and ‘transformed’ the business.

The timber lodges would be available either as rented short-stay self-catering accommodation, or they could be bought as holiday homes.

The lodges will feature plenty of swanky features including hot tubs and balconies.

The club, which has more than 700 members and two courses, has applied to North Somerset Council for planning permission.

In the club’s planning documents which it submitted to the council, it said the businesses turnover has tripled since owner Chris Mikulla took over, with staff swelling from 25 to 40 – and the addition of the lodges would help further its growth.

Mr Mikulla told the Times the development would help to satisfy sizeable demand from golfers and holidaymakers, which has grown significantly since he took over in 2014.

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He said: “We have had the club for four years and we applied for extended accommodation when we came in.

“The extra accommodation, which was made available by converting other buildings or offices, has taken the club from strength to strength; it really has transformed the business.

“A golf club would struggle to make money from golf alone these days.

“The demand is there for people to rent them for a short break and we would also be interested in people purchasing a lodge permanently.

“We’ve got golfers from the Midlands who would like to spend the summer here.

“They will be executive-style luxury lodges which would be kitted with hot tubs and balconies.”

The club, in Honeyhall Lane, has vowed the development would be ‘sympathetic’ to its surroundings, with timber chosen to ‘ensure greater accordance with the environment around the site’.