Lidl bid is threat to town ‘lifeblood’


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A PROPOSED supermarket development – part of a £9million plan heralded as ‘the biggest investment in Nailsea town centre for decades’ – has prompted criticism amid fears at the impact on parking.

Last week, the Times reported how supermarket chain Lidl wants to build a new store in Crown Glass car park.

Lidl’s arrival would likely be accompanied by a new coffee shop development, a community park, refurbished toilets and children’s play area, and comprehensive town centre rebranding.

But not everyone has welcomed the news, with a number of readers this week writing to the Times newsdesk to voice concerns – with town centre parking identified as the key worry.

Thomas Pond, of Coombe Road, said: “Most residents of Nailsea would agree that the major hindrance to shopping in Nailsea is the lack of parking spaces.

“We are now faced with the prospect of yet another supermarket being built, to add to the four or five already available in the area, across a large part of the most-used central car park, which also serves the main health centre.

“I cannot think of a worse place for the supermarket to be sited. Please think again.”

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The view was supported by Brenda Compton, of Oaksey Grove. She wrote: “Whichever way you look at this proposed development, the bottom line is that 83 car parking spaces will be lost to use from the most convenient car park in Nailsea.

“That is approximately 45 per cent of the parking spaces gone in a car park that is often very difficult to find a space during the day as it is.

“Our town council has already fought to keep our car parks free in order to maintain footfall in the town - does anybody really think this development will help maintain or even increase that footfall, which is the lifeblood of any town centre?”

And Pauline Tillett, of Brendon Gardens, added: “The loss (of parking) will have a devastating effect on the viability and vitality of the town, as visitors will opt for a shopping centre where they can park easily.

“The suggestion that this development will help to bring more retail operators to the town to fill all the gaps is a flight of fancy.”

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