Incubator could support business start-ups

START-UP businesses and entrepreneurs in Clevedon could have the chance to trial their enterprising ideas in a town centre facility

Clevedon Town Council is researching the idea of creating a business incubator in the hope of supporting new initiatives while also rejuvenating the Queens Square and Triangle shopping area.

The brainchild of Cllr Jane Geldart, the proposal could see the council rent or buy a town centre unit to then lease to anyone wishing to trial a business idea for a few months.

Cllr Geldart said: “If we can support people who would like to make the step into retail but don’t have the financial backing to take the risk then they could trial their idea at a relatively low cost.

“That way they can gauge whether they think it would be successful.

“This will then hopefully give them the confidence to know whether to invest in it for the longer term.

“We now need to establish whether there is an interest for this and whether there would be enough demand.”

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Cllr Geldart has also suggested the town council looks into renting some desk space to business start-ups, freelance workers or those who commute a long distance to work.

Her idea is firstly aimed at allowing commuters to reduce the time they spend travelling to work by using a desk in Clevedon for one or two days per week.

During a meeting of the town council’s finance and general purposes committee on October 24, both ideas were positively received by other members.

They are now going to research the proposals further and also plan to approach those who run Clevedon Community Centre in Princes Road, which has rooms that could be used for renting desk space.

Committee chairman Cllr Carl Francis-Pester said: “We have agreed to all go away and do a bit of research on what could be viable and any issues or legal ramifications which could result.

“We are then going to meet again before the end of November to discuss the issue again, which means we will have enough time to put something for it into next year’s budget before it is approved in February.”