Husband and wife open Italian deli in Nailsea

Owners Domenico and Sylwia Mingione outside the deli.

Owners Domenico and Sylwia Mingione outside the deli. - Credit: Archant

Tantalising delicacies from the heart of Italy are now being dished up at a new deli in Nailsea.

Owners Domenico and Sylwia Mingione inside the deli.

Owners Domenico and Sylwia Mingione inside the deli. - Credit: Archant

Husband and wife team Domenico and Sylwia Mingione have opened up Sapore Italiano – meaning Italian Tasty – in Crown Glass Shopping Centre.

Customers can buy home-made pizzas, breads, focaccia, pasta and desserts as well as cold cuts, tomatoes and ice cream.

Domenico, aged 45, was born in Naples and his passion for cooking began at a young age.

He started work as a waiter in a pizzeria, then moved to cooking in a shop making takeaway meals where he developed a love for pasta and sauces.

When he met Sylwia, who specialises in desserts, it sparked a friendly rivalry to see who could cook better.

Domenico said: “Visitors to our shop will be able to discover mini pizzas, breads, focaccia, pasta, lasagna, parmesan, pesto, Genovese, cakes and desserts – all homemade – as well as typical products made in Italy including cold cuts, cookies, pasta and tomatoes, not forgetting, of course, the Italian ice cream.

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“We are hoping our customers will enjoy the food we create and will join us with our passion for Italian cuisine.”

Sapore Italiano offers freshly made breads, cakes, biscuits and an assortment of dishes and ice creams.

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