High Street store plans to extend


- Credit: Archant

CHANGES could be made to the appearance of the beginning of Portishead High Street if plans to expand a carpet shop are given the go ahead.

Gordano Carpets, situated in the former library building at 12 High Street, has submitted a planning application to bring the shop front in line with neighbouring retailers.

The plans would use the waste land in front of the building for its showroom, bringing the store, which is currently accessed by a steep slope, to ground level. The existing showroom would be used as a stockroom and a flat is proposed on the top floor.

Manager Rickie Pearce said: “In this day and age it is important to make buildings accessible to everyone and if we can use our land to make this possible it will benefit our customers. It will also mean that our shop front is in alignment with the other shops around us and not set back, as it as at the moment.”

Gordano Carpets moved out of premises at 6-8 High Street into the old library building after Rickie and his brother-in-law, Gavin Brake, bought the property at auction in July 2011.

Plans for the new showroom can be viewed on the North Somerset Council website planning page.