Helping businesses get Energy Savvy

A NEW business has been set up in Portishead offering energy efficiency advice to company owners.

Robert Lamoon has created Energy Savvy after taking voluntary redundancy in September and deciding to do something completely different.

The 51-year-old of Little Halt said: “I came across certain businesses that were looking at energy efficiency and trying to reduce costs for businesses.

“I then took up a distributorship with a company called Enigin.

“At Energy Savvy we are showing businesses in the region why becoming energy savvy is one of the fastest and most effective ways to maximise their profits.”

Using a smart meter, Robert is able to demonstrate a company’s real-time energy use to help them understand their energy consumption before offering advice on how to reduce it.

Robert added: “Typically, businesses, including those that do generate their own green energy, can waste about 40 per cent if they fail to follow good energy conservation principles. What we can do is identify this waste and eliminate it.”

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