Freemans’ energy efficient weekend

A PORTISHEAD TV retailer is inviting customers to find out more about free technology.

Customers visiting Freemans at 49 High Street can enjoy free bubbly and chocolates this weekend when they call in to find out more about lower energy TVs.

Sales manager Jason Bamfield said: “Over the past five years new TV technology has allowed energy consumption to fall, but only recently have we seen an increase in significantly energy friendly TVs.”

When the first LCD flat screen televisions came to mass market in 2006, an average 32-inch LCD TV would draw 145 watts and a 40-inch even more at 180 watts.

However, with the latest advances in technology, TVs now on the market can use as little as 56 watts.

Freemans is offering up to a third off the price of any these more eco-friendly products if purchased during their energy awareness day on Saturday.