Clevedon store to close as owner ‘regroups’ ahead of indoor market move

Fragrantly Magickal will close in April. Picture: Eleanor Young

Fragrantly Magickal will close in April. Picture: Eleanor Young - Credit: Eleanor Young

A Clevedon businesswoman is taking time out to ‘regroup’ and ‘focus on developing herself’ after announcing the closure of her shop.

Dawn McClements said a heartfelt thank you to the people who have made her ‘feel so welcome’ after she opened Fragrantly Magickal, in Old Church Road, two and a half years ago.

Dawn moved to Weston from Worcester in July 2016 and opened the shop on August 1.

The Clevedon native lived in the town as a child and was drawn back to the area ‘which she loved’.

She added: “I wanted to be part of the community. After working in retail management, coaching and training in the cooperate world and being made redundant four times over six years, I decided to go back to the retail side and work in shops and markets.

“When I opened, I wanted to give a spiritual offering within Clevedon and give people a space where they can come and ask questions and get support and guidance in the field.

“People are often going through stress, depression and illnesses and sometimes being an ear to listen has helped.”

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The Reiki master teacher told the Times she felt ‘her time has been completed in Clevedon for what she could offer’.

She will be closing the shop on April 17, before starting her new venture in Weston’s Indoor Market in High Street.

She said: “I’s taking a step back for a while to regroup so I can focus more on developing myself within the healing environment and focusing on the products I have a real interest in.

“When I first moved into Clevedon I was referred to as ‘that funny shop or weird shop’ but as people came in they changed their perception of me.

“The children have come and learned more about the crystals and they really have taken a fascination with it.”

The business owner said she was ‘genuinely surprised by the amount of love there had been’ after she announced her exit from the town centre.

Dawn said: “Thank you to the people of Clevedon and other businesses I have worked with for all the support. It is a beautiful community here and there has already been some interest in the shop so hopefully it won’t stay empty for long.”

Dawn hopes to open her new business in the Indoor Market on May 14.