Fit camp for porky pets


- Credit: Archant

A PORTISHEAD veterinary practice has launched a get fit campaign for animals.

Vale Vets is urging pet owners to include their pets in any get fit and healthy New Year resolutions.

Clinic nurse Danni Cross said: “Over a third of all dogs in the UK are overweight and most owners don’t even realise it and cats can pile on the pounds too. Overweight pets are much more likely to develop related health problems so it really is important to try and keep them trim.”

The Beach Road West practice is offering free weight watching clinics throughout the year and is encouraging owners to increase exercise regimes for pets to help keep them healthy.

One owner who has benefited from Vale Vet’s advice is Lynn-Marie Perry. She said: “Merlin my Springer spaniel went from 31 kilos to 26.8 kilos with the help and advice from the weight watching team. He’s never going to be a slim Jim, but it’s made such a difference to his wellbeing.”