First book for businessman

A TECHNOLOGY consultant from Clevedon has written his first book.

Through the Cloud by James Geldart has been written to guide businesses in North Somerset through the complexities of cloud computing - which sees data stored on the Internet rather than a conventional server.

James, aged 37 of St Johns Avenue, has worked with technology for 13 years and for the past eight years has been working with small businesses to enhance their practices.

James, who has a technology consultancy business called Nuvola, said: “We’re surrounded by Internet apps, from Facebook on our mobiles to online banking, to websites and services that help us back up our files online.

“All of this data is stored in the ‘cloud’ with the user having to worry about the technicalities.

“Companies often know they have issues with their business information and need better tools to manage it but aren’t sure how to pick and implement the best software.”

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