Cut-price way to go to the ball...

WITH the school prom season under way, two Portishead mums have launched a new business to help cut the cost of dressing to impress.

After finding out how expensive it was to dress their own teenagers for their school prom, Catherine Savory and Nikki Pinder decided to launch a business buying and selling eveningwear.

Catherine said: “It seemed crazy spending vast sums of money on dresses for our teenagers’ prom when it was a one-off event.

“So, rather than just moan about it, Nikki and I decided to do something about it to help other parents.”

The mums carried out some research and found the amount of money being spent on special dresses was a common gripe, not only with parents but also people who were buying outfits for weddings, cruises and occasional black tie events.

Nikki added: “When we talked to people about our idea we were overwhelmed by the positive response and began planning events so that instead of special dresses and suits gathering dust at the back of wardrobes, they can be sold on.”

Catherine and Nikki now sell glamorous garments on behalf of their clients and, as agents, retain a percentage for their service.

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The next glamorous garment sale will take place from 11am-3pm on Sunday at High Down Infant School, Down Road, Portishead.

To sell an item call Cath or Nikki on 07887 966635 or 07825 321141, or email them for more details on no1event@

n Pictured: Catherine and Nikki with Gordano School pupil Harriet at her recent Year 11 prom.