Club promotes work experience benefits

CLEVEDON Business Club is raising awareness of a national work experience initiative its members think could help small companies in the town.

The group was recently given a presentation by Chris Long from Clevedon Job Centre on the scheme, which sees adults aged 18-24, and sometimes older, placed with a company for two to eight weeks.

Businesses have managed to spot potential staff through offering work experience and have seen other benefits including current staff developing management skills and a fresh perspective being brought to the company by the new person.

As a result, Clevedon Business Club has been keen to promote the scheme’s benefits to local employers.

Member Nicola Jones said: “It seemed to us at the business club that small businesses need to be aware of this support, which is free to the employer.”

One example of how the scheme has helped people develop their skills while also benefiting a start-up company is Women Outside The Box. Owned by Joni Farthing, the company held the first ever major women’s business event in Bristol on Monday.

Through the work experience scheme, Claire Eastmond and Chris Webster, were placed with Joni by Clevedon Job Centre. Both were instrumental in helping organise the event while gaining skills in online research and social media, and also honing skills they had gained from previous employment. Joni said: “It’s a win-win situation for us all.”

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