Cat hotel opens in North Somerset

Sally Kingscott with some of her clients.

Sally Kingscott with some of her clients. - Credit: Archant

A luxury cat hotel has opened its doors to cats in need of some comfort away from home.

The Jasmine Cattery, in Claverham, was opened by Sally and Adrian Kingscott in the grounds of their home in Jasmine Lane.

The ‘hotel’ provides top-of-the-range boarding facilities for up to 28 cats, set within six acres of beautiful countryside.

The cattery is keen to brand itself as a luxurious cat hotel, as each pen is kitted out with futuristic gadgets such as temperature-controlled bed heaters.

The business cost £40,000 to build, but Sally told the Times the investment was worth it to be able to set up a cattery in her own home.

Sally said: “Cats are like your family and it is key they are treated properly and are in a nice comfortable environment with something to do.

“It is lovely – I can wander out of my door into cat heaven.”

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Sally said she was inspired to set up the cattery after keeping cats herself for several years.

She gained experience working with animals through running a successful dog-walking and pet-sitting business.

Sally said: “As a cat lover, owner and someone who is genuinely concerned about the welfare of cats, I have spent a great deal of time preparing our luxury cattery. As someone who has always adored cats, it seemed like a natural progression to go on and open my own cattery.

“I wanted a high-end, luxury feel to our cattery so as well as creating a high-quality, super-insulated bespoke building, we have equipped each pen with high-quality toys and equipment which will help to stimulate the cats and alleviate boredom.

“I have kept the cattery small so I can ensure every cat will have the individual attention it deserves and I have taken time to create a relaxing home-from-home environment.”