Carole’s flannel craze

A PORTISHEAD mum has started a new creative craze in the town.

Carole Pearce turned to flannel art after finding it difficult to find reasonably priced birthday gifts for friends’ teenage children.

The 52-year-old administrator said: “I bought a face cloth and some toiletries and folded the cloth in to a handbag, origami style. It went down a treat and I was asked to make some for other people.”

Carole’s handiwork went from strength to strength until she was turning flannels in to all sorts of things from handbags to cup cakes.

She added: “Then someone said it’s a shame that if they sent the gifts in the post, they might get squashed. That gave me the idea to produce flat packs that fit in to a large envelope, complete with instructions of how to make your own.”

Keeping up with demand as Christmas approaches is keeping Carole busy. She will also be selling her wares at school fairs and the Portishead Victorian evening. In the meantime she can be contacted on 07775 888399.