Canopy to stay in Triangle

Red Canopy around the shop in aroud Queens Square and Triangle, Cleveon.

Red Canopy around the shop in aroud Queens Square and Triangle, Cleveon. - Credit: Archant

Clevedon’s red canopy is set to stay in the town, after plans to tear part of it down were rejected by North Somerset Council’s planning committee.

LaSalle Investment Management wanted to remove part of the canopy in the Triangle because it had fallen into disrepair. It also said the structure was attracting antisocial behaviour to the town too.

Cllr David Shopland however disagreed and led the arguments against removing the red structure.

He said: “It’s an asset to that part of Clevedon.

“The real reason it (LaSalle Investment Management) wants to get rid of the canopy is it can’t afford to keep it and maintain it. It should have realised it had enough money to retain it.

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“I live in the town and I have not seen or heard any consequential or meaningful complaints about antisocial behaviour there. It’s loved, needed and wanted. Without it, it would look like a plucked fowl without feathers.”

Cllr Chris Blades agreed, saying the canopy is ‘part of the fabric of Clevedon’.

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The canopy was put up in the 1980s following a design competition.

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