CableCom expands

A CLEVEDON communications company has expanded by buying out an American business.

CableCom Networking is the UK’s leading supplier of communication and multimedia services for student accomodation and has recently acquired Freewire, a telephone, TV and broadband internet services business, from Move Networks.

Existing Freewire customers will now be able to access CableCom’s StudentCom portal, which provides fast broadband, a fully legal music service, games servers and online backup systems.

CableCom Networking managing director Mark Burchfield said: “This deal is great news for both our accommodation partners and student users as it gives them a truly comprehensive and fully-managed communications and multimedia service.”

Established in 1998, CableCom is based at Windmill Business Park and delivers services to almost 300,000 students across 60 universities and other providers of student accommodation.