Business owners air views on Station Road problems

Shopkeepers unhappy with the number of vehicles using the pedestrianised Station Road, Clevedon.

Shopkeepers unhappy with the number of vehicles using the pedestrianised Station Road, Clevedon. - Credit: Archant

Businesses in a Clevedon retail street are at loggerheads over the best way to solve a traffic problem in the area.

Station Road was partly pedestrianised four years ago when North Somerset Council installed a bollard to stop vehicles from using the road and limit its use to delivery vehicles only.

However, this has so far proved largely unsuccessful with drivers regularly lowering the bollard and parking along the street, with community organisation, Clevedon Pride, recording 100 separate incidents in just one day recently.

Brian Dickinson, who runs Better Mobility in Station Road, said: “My view is that the bollard has confused people and has actually made it more dangerous.

“A lot of people now think that it is completely pedestrianised so people just walk out in front of traffic while lots of delivery vans think they can’t get down there.

“People also block access for delivery vans by parking in front of the bollard.

“I would like to see the bollard go and a 5mph speed limit introduced.

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“At the moment people know they aren’t supposed to be driving down there so they speed to avoid getting caught.”

Brian also said people with mobility issues need easier access to the shops and so should therefore be allowed to park in the street.

However Julie Bisacre, owner of Present Company in Station Road, believes the bollard should stay as it increases safety along the road.

She said: “That was what we had before but no one adhered to it and there were quite a few near misses.

“At least with the bollard people have to stop, which slows them down anyway.

“If we take the bollard away we are right back to square one.”

North Somerset Council has urged people with permission to drive in Station Road to make sure they put the bollard back up to stop others accessing it.

A council spokesman said: “Although pedestrianised, it is also a service road for deliveries and access to vehicles for the various markets held in Queens Square.

“All those who have lawful access, and remove the bollard to gain access, must ensure they replace it.”