Business owner calls for CCTV return

A CLEVEDON chiropodist believes her business has suffered the effects of thieves and vandals since a nearby CCTV camera was taken down.

Gillian Webster runs The Woodlands Clinic in The Triangle, which can be accessed through Marson Road car park.

Up until last year, a CCTV camera had its lens trained on the area but it was removed when North Somerset Council sold the building it was attached to.

Since then, Gillian believes problems including youngsters running along the roofs of buildings and graffiti being sprayed on premises have escalated.

Gillian, who rents the business space along with holistic therapist Jasmin Frances-Hawksley, said: “Most problems seem to occur at weekends.

“Someone stole our A-board from outside as well as some A4 signs.

“Every day we have to clean up glass bottles, litter or cigarette butts from outside.

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“It is hard enough to run a business as it is at the moment without having to put up with vandals.”

Gillian, aged 43 from Easton-in-Gordano, has been based at the same premises for four years. She added: “We never had anything wrong until that CCTV went.

“Having the camera there was very reassuring.”

A North Somerset Council spokesman explained the authority still hopes to replace the camera, as and when there is enough funding available.

They said: “When we sold the building last year the camera was taken off of it.

“We were exploring the ways of making sure the camera stayed in the area.

“One of those ideas was to speak to local traders and the town council to see if they would be willing to contribute to the cost of installing it.

“Those offers were not taken up but we would like to put the camera back up as and when we have the money to do so.”