Business appeals over food kiosk rejection near Portishead marina

North Somerset Council refused to grant planning permission last year.

North Somerset Council refused to grant planning permission last year. - Credit: Archant

A food kiosk selling ice creams and other items could end up being built near Portishead marina, after an appeal was lodged against North Somerset Council’s decision to refuse planning permission.

The authority knocked back plans for the eatery last July, but applicant Giusy Amico has asked an independent planning inspector to review the decision.

Councillors rejected the idea amid fears it would spoil one of Portishead’s most picturesque spots and concerns from the public that it would create more noise and mess.

However, Mr Amico says the kiosk, which would be in Pill Park near Parish Wharf Leisure Centre, would be a valued addition to the area.

In his submission to the planning inspector, he said it was a ‘small location’ which would replace the ice cream van which would normally be there.

He said: “The location of the park is acceptable and will leave sufficient open space for other park activities.

“The creation of a kiosk to sell hot and cold food and drinks is acceptable in an accessible location next to the existing footpath.

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“Mr Softee is a local ice cream company which wants to give the best service with a possible kiosk.”

Mr Amico said with more homes being built in North Somerset, it is ‘imperative’ there are more facilities too.

He said: “The style and design of the kiosk is in high-quality materials and meets all of the requirements for the intended use.

“The creation of the kiosk will satisfy social, recreational and cultural needs of the community. With the population to expand considerably by 2026, it is imperative facilities like this are provided to meet this demand.

“Any lack of provision will result in future residents having to travel outside of their immediate area and the opportunity for a thriving and vibrant community will be lost.”

Portishead Town Council, along with the district authority, continues to call for the scheme to be rejected.

Members still felt it would cause disturbance to the area, while some also raised concerns over access for the emergency services.

They felt the park would be the best landing area for the air ambulance, if required at the marina or to attend an emergency incident at any of the nearby flats.

The inspector is likely to make their decision in the coming weeks.